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Our Story

Innovation & Vision

RDP Pharma AG is a privately held biotech and seed investor based in Romanshorn, Switzerland, that was founded by an international group of industry veterans with decades of experience. Our core team has a highly successful, proven track record of bringing new medications to the market, particularly in the field of oncology. 

At RDP Pharma, we identify and acquire new therapeutic modalities to create breakthrough medicines poised to be game-changing life sciences technologies that are at an innovation inflection point.


When technology is about to move from ‘great science’ to ‘great impact’ for patients and healthcare systems. We aim to rapidly develop these technologies (targeted protein degradation, new chemical entities) through deep expertise to key value inflection points (IND ready, clinical trial ready) where the value to a patient population is demonstrated.


Dedication - Expertise - Passion.

Our experienced and dedicated leadership team


Chief Executive Officer

Susanne Oellrich


Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Christian Kühne


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Michael Ahrweiler


Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Luis Bettinelli


Chief Medical Officer

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Udo Kiessling


Drug Development, Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs and QA

Dr. Wolfgang Meyer

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