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The PromptDegrader™ Platform

A First-in-Class platform for Targeted Protein Degradation of intrinsically disordered regions of proteins to balance protein homeostasis in oncology, neurology, innate and adaptive immune response, virology and ageing.

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The targeted therapy company

At RDP Pharma, we identify and acquire new therapeutic modalities to create breakthrough medicines poised to be game-changing life science technologies that are at an innovation inflexion point:​


“When the technology is about to move from ‘great science’ to ‘great impact’​ for patients and healthcare systems”.​


We aim is to rapidly develop these technologies, through deep expertise, to key value inflexion points where the value to a patient population is demonstrated.​

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Contact Details

Amriswilerstrasse 51, CH-8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland

+41 71 466 33 68

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